what they were looking for...
Connex Education is an ethical supply agency, in a - frankly - murky marketplace. They wanted to rebrand the entire business to make it absolutely clear they were different - very different - from the unscrupulous supply agencies. The rebrand was at the centre of a two year project to transform their own operation, while getting the message across that their business supports schools and supply teachers, it does not exploit them.
the home page of the redesigned and entirely re-written Connex Education website
what we did
We moved the Connex visual brand away from the tired stock photography which litters competitors' materials, employing instead a family of simply-drawn characters, each with a quirky back story. From Sidney, the face of Connex ("the nicest, most helpful, most diligent man you could ever meet") to Colin the cat, who is in charge of the money and is  on all the cheques, the characters are the means by which the company communicates its values. The new 'voice' created for all Connex communications - friendly, intelligent, wry, funny and sincere - reflects the qualities of the people behind the business. 
We designed and wrote the website and worked closely throughout the build with the London web developers used by the company. We continue to create all new marketing materials, design their staff and client apps and to provide PR services for Connex. The entire project has been a  joy. 
examples of recent mailers aimed at schools or at recruiting staff
what they think
MD Scott Day's comments...
"I am quite often asked to write testimonials or recommend suppliers, which at times I am uncomfortable doing as this can put your reputation at risk. However this is absolutely not the case with Big Drum. Jon and Jen are trusted partners of ours, integral to the business and very much part of the team. It is easy to forget sometimes that they are not actually Connex’s marketing team, which is the best compliment I can pay.
"Jen and Jon helped drive our rebrand during 2015 and since then have been at the forefront of regular communications with customers. They have, and still regularly do, take the time to understand our business, what we want to achieve and how we want to get there, which ensures that the material delivered is always ‘on point’.
"Having a partner (and I use that description intentionally) who ‘gets’ us and our unique style is so important to me and something that is never taken for granted, as until working with them it was something I had not experienced in my career. We enjoy an excellent working relationship and can be a very demanding customer - however going the extra mile is something that comes as standard from Jon and Jen. Big Drum are big enough to cope with anything we ask of them, but small enough to care."
Scott Day, Managing Director, Connex Education
roll ups for recruitment and schools events
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