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Kingsmead School is a fee-paying day school which has to market itself in an unusually small area (situated on the tip of the Wirral peninsula, two thirds of the school's potential catchment area is actually sea). With other independent schools and four excellent grammar schools nearby, Kingsmead's willingness to welcome pupils of all abilities (while admission to other local schools depends on academic achievement) can lead to the mistaken impression that Kingsmead is primarily a school for children who need additional support for their learning. The school's Christian ethos (which is actually most evident in the quality of its superb pastoral care) can also cause misunderstandings around what the school offers. The reality - that Kingsmead is a very happy and successful school which accepts children of all faiths (and none) and achieves excellent GCSE results across all abilities - is the message which needs, and receives, constant reinforcement.
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We have recently finished a redesign of the school website, streamlining and modernising it to focus on the essentials - that the school is happy, educationally effective and offers a wonderful environment for children.
Print advertising has given way to social media, a strategy which is proving an effective, and cost-effective, way for the school to reach a larger audience.  We are sent pictures and copy notes by staff for us to create web stories and social media posts; we optimise the images and polish the copy (which is coming from all quarters) into one school 'voice'.
We also produce a half-termly newsletter - Verulambs News - which is printed in-house for parents. It keeps an affectionate and amused eye on the activities of their children, both within the Infant Department building (called Verulam) and when they are outside playing or learning in the extensive grounds. 
In addition, we provide occasional photography services and offer PR support, plus emergency planning, media services and reputation management advice, when needed. 
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what the school thinks of us

"Big Drum has been successfully working with us for well over 10 years. 
"They are an outstanding team, particularly Jen's words and Jon's layouts. Their fantastic response time to requests and queries makes you feel as if you are their priority client. Their fee structure is remarkably competitive and their wisdom has been helpful in complicated times."
Mark Gibbons, Headmaster, Kingsmead School

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