Sue McCann's visually arresting homepage
the client
Sue McCann is a journalist with immense experience and a contacts book to make publicity-seekers' mouths water. She is no-nonsense, hands on, sensible, dependable and utterly professional.  When she moved her career from mainstream media to offering media and PR services, Sue wanted to make her iron-clad journalistic credentials (which too often are absent in the world of PR) crystal clear. She also did not want to scare off potential clients, who may be seeking support for the first time, with a site filled with PR agency  jargon.
the newsletter page, employing the mug motif to convey Sue's copywriting services
what we did
We designed a site with Sue comfortably front and centre, against a backdrop of all the communications channels she can exert influence over for clients. The home page represents a marked up press release which has successfully caught a journalist's attention. Sue's USP was conveyed via images on each page of mugs being used in various ways: on the "About Sue" page there is just her picture and the headline "No mug". The site is written in language which is simple, friendly, confident and reassuring.
those mugs again... a visual metaphor which, er, stacked up for Sue! 
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